Buxvertise News!

Processor Update


At the moment we are no longer accepting Paypal as Limited our account. We are in the process of getting this straightened out as it has happened 3 times in the past. Unfortunately some users who put phishing ads trigger these limitations. It may take time to get Paypal back but we are working on it. In the meantime. we encourage users to switch over to more stable processors like PAYZA, STP and Neteller. We are also looking into adding PAYEER and PERFECTMONEY. Send in a ticket if you have a request for another processor. Support tickets may take up to 48 hours to be answered.

Disputes "disputes to get your money back" etc etc. Disputes will result in us disputing all payments to you which will risk your Paypal account as well. The best course of action is to switch processors to a more long term stable experience.


 Thanks for all your support

New Referral Contest

We have launched a new referral contest. Be sure to start referring members to Buxvertise and win a prize! There will be 10 winners who will share a 250$ purchase blaance prize. The contest will end November 15th. Contests will be a regular thing once again at Buxvertise now that the Summer is over!


Good luck to Everyone!

Buxvertise Maintenance

We are currently doing some maintenance on the site to help detect accounts being phished. The maintenance may affect some features/functions over the next 12 hours but things will be back to normal shortly. This is mandatory to help us keep members accounts safe from people phishing passwords.


IMGUr Images on Buxvertise

This is just a quick heads up if you were using Imgur.com images to host your banners and images you may want to check the links as they have been deleting some hosted images that are being used on PTC sites. I have noticed many images members are adding for banners or fixed ad images have been broken. Be sure to check your links and consider hosting your own images to avoid this.


May 9th Updates and Changes

In an attempt to slow down cheaters and potential fraud on the site we have changed a few things on the site to give us more time catch people abusing our system. The changes made are;

1) Minimum payouts for all accounts will be 7$. We considered doing a tier payout like some sites but figured 7$ was roughly an industry standard. This will reduce the daily payouts submitted which will give us more time to inspect/find cheaters.

2) Minimum amount to transfer from account balance to purchase balance will be 0.25. This change will likely have no impact and result in less non-needed mysql querries which may lead to better performance as it seems anytime free accounts get to 10 cents they immediately transfer it to their purchase balance.

These changes are for the health of the system as lately we have seen an increase in people trying to cheat.

Team Buxvertise

Buxvertise Updates

Today on April 15th, 2015 the site was in and out of maintenance as we optimized some things on the site and purged some boards within the forum. Occassionally we will purge topics within certain boards. Some topics with lots of views and sticked will be kept so if you want a post to be sticked within a forum you can submit a ticket and ask if it can be sticked. Certain boards however will never be purged such as the Stats board as we know you like to keep track and show off your progress. This is done as often the content is never found anyways as it is burried by thousands of posts so this allows members to find newer/relevant content faster.

So if you feel your post is worth having sticked within a board simply send in a support ticket or post it within the Stats board. I.e; Posts with tutorials or tips and tricks to help other members that would be considered quality.

We also removed thousands of Inactive members who have not logged in within 60-90 days and clicked the anti cheat ad over 100 times. This is also in our terms of service so be sure to stay active and avoid clicking the anti cheat ad;

3.6 You must login atleast once every 60 days to keep your account active as accounts with 60-90 days of inactivity/no balance with 100+ clicks on the anti cheat ad may be deleted.



New Feature to Message Direct Referrals

Today we have some exciting news as you now have the ability to send your direct referrrals a welcome message. This can dramatically help increase your downlines activity as you can welcome them and give them some information on how to get started.

The message will appear within their account summary area. Please read the rules before using this feature though as it should not be used for spam but for saying hello to new referrals. If you have not been getting direct referrals this is certainly a reason to start.

On top of that we recently added a bunch of new splash pages and banners!

Good luck!

Caching Issue update

Some people in certain locations they have been experiencing intermittent issues with the stylesheets on the site not showing which is a cache issue. A few times we had to do full site caches as new updated files did not reflect the changes using Cloudflares single file cache purge. After a few attempts and tickets to Cloudflare they have finally realized it is an issue with their single cache purge feature. It should be resolved soon and here is what was said;

"Hi there, While I am aware of possible issues with the single file purge for some users at the moment, I cannot reproduce your case, however the problem as a whole is being looked into and we are waiting on a fix. However right now it is held off for today as it is a weekend, so you should expect this feature to resume service within the week day(s) Thanks"

So if your having issues seeing certain areas of the site you can try clearing your cache, cookies and restarting your browser. You can also run a program called Ccleaner which is free on download.com and can be downloaded here.

New Purchase Balance Contest

 A new contest is under way in which you can win $350 in prizes. 10 spots will be awarded a prize and the contest ends April 20th. Good luck to everyone participating.

New Features added so Clear your Cache

We made some changes throughout the site over the weekend and some of you may notice the pages look weird as your cache has not caught up yet with the changes.  If the site looks broken or menus are missing you should clear your cache/cookies and run the Ccleaner program here as your likely seeing a cached version prior to changes.

New Features Added

Buxvertise Daily Raffle

Icons in Live Chat

New Splash Pages

New Banners

Newest Direct Referrals page